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The big move

Because I’ve referred to my international move in this blog, I figured I’d better explain it.

About three months ago Mum and Dad broke the news to me and my sisters at dinner. I wasn’t impressed. I had awesome friends where I lived, and I didn’t want to leave them. But it wasn’t like I had a say in the matter. After weeks of organizing and packing, I had the most dreaded job of all. Packing a suitcase that I was going to live out of for 6-8 weeks. The stuff I packed into mine was about the weight of my sister’s combined.

On the plane trips (there was three) we got lollipops and lollies. Yum! When we got to our destination we stayed at my Grandparents house for a few weeks. Then we went to the city we would be living in. I didn’t like the look of it at first but it’s grown on me now. We stayed in a motel for a while, in which we got a PS3! Guilt trips always work!

Then we moved into our new house. It took a lot of unpacking, and my room was very messy! I didn’t know I had so much stuff until I had to unpack it all!

Now we are settled in (maybe) and I have started a new school. Fun.


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