Right. I have a blog. Well. What do I do now? Um.

This is supposed to have something about myself so I’ll start with that. I have just moved internationally. Not something I would recommend. I lost my friends, my school, and… Well enough about that.

This blog will be filled of random stuff that I feel like typing in. You don’t have to read it if you don’t want to, but I would like you if you did. If you put a comment you would be something close to an angel in my eyes. (You can tell that I don’t have very high expectations for this blog.)

I have just realised that I can boast on this blog and no one knows who I am! Haha! Well I am good at literacy stuff. That may be about it.

I have little twin sisters. On this blog i shall refer to them as twin the elder and twin the younger. I also have a cat that came with me on my move. I also have parents that are probably reading this. Hmmm. I shall have to be a bit more carefull.

That’s about it. Oh, and I like pie.


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