The Peter Jackson flea movie

Okay, laugh all you want, but fleas are the scariest thing I have ever seen. Ever. Even scarier than those giant hairy spiders I dreamed about that time.

A flea very close up

See what I mean? Look at that jaw/teeth. And the one I saw had red eyes too. No joke.

How did I come across the evil red-eyed flea? It was all in the name of science. In class we have a new scince subject that involved rotating around different science stations. Not boring, record-your-results type science, epic science about x-rays and fleas.

I think these fleas are evil enough to be in a movie. Peter Jackson should put an evil flea in one of his. If you have ever seen the movie ‘The princess bride’, then I am thinking about a R.O.U.S. type thing.

Wouldn’t that be epic?



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4 responses to “The Peter Jackson flea movie

  1. Have you seen Robert Hooke’s drawing of a flea ? One of the first microscope illustrations the public ever got to see. Thankfully, if didn’t seem to put people off too much.

    I did shake my head just a little about “Not boring, record-your-results type science, epic science about x-rays and fleas.”

    The only way we can ever find out anything epic (fleas and xrays included!) is by being boring, looking at the world, tinkering, and recording what happens πŸ˜‰

    • That drawing is very detailed. Was Robert Hooke a scientist or an artist?

      All right, I concede defeat. Record-your-results science is pretty good, unless the experiment didn’t go too well, nothing happened, you had nothing to write because you couldn’t work out why nothing happened, and your teachers asks why there is nothing on your page then glares at you when you answer because she designed the experiment herself.

      And thanks for commenting on my blog without being related to me. πŸ˜€

      • He was a bit of both. There wasn’t really such a thing as a ‘scientist’ in his time (the word wasn’t invented until the 1830s!) but we was a ‘natural philosopher’ which is pretty similar and an architect. He’s probably most famous for getting into a fight with Isaac Newton – which is a shame because he did lots of very cool things.

        Sounds like your science lesson was a very good introduction to life as a scientist! If you are trying to find out something really interesting, then most days the experiments don’t work. The important bit is to think about what things might have gone wrong, and how they would have effect what you recorded – perhaps you can even think of an hypothesis for how your experiment turned out so badly and and a way to test that idea. (or maybe it’s just your teacher’s fault πŸ˜›

        In the very least, it should make you appreciate the hours of work that went into making the epic science you got to look at!

  2. soda(twin the older)

    I think that giant FLEAS would be a good idea but not as good as rat of an large size!

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