Those damned stereotypes

In theory, nearly everybody loathes them. But who hasn’t heard someone being completely stereotypical and just walking by. Some of the most common stereotypes are about genders. “It’s a girl? Oh, I thought she was a boy, she was dressed in blue.” “You’re a racing car driver? Wow. That’s quite impressive for a woman.” “Don’t you want to be married? How will you get money?” Some people are idiots. Another field of stereotypes is the one about teenagers. Some people only consider teenagers as drunk idiots rolling around in their own piss. Sure, teenagers are likely to be grumpier than most, but no need to create a society that shuns teenagers for the mistakes of the few. Get a grip everybody, where do you think the next generation will come from?

Rant over. But heads up, there are more coming.


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One response to “Those damned stereotypes

  1. soda(twin the older)

    silly stereotypes they are not nice in this country there are lots about girls and woman. Like oh i thought it was boy because she has short hair.

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