Food flashbacks

Weird post coming up. Oh well. Does anyone else get those food flashbacks when you read a book? For example, if I read a book called, say, I really love pie, and I ate chips while reading it, then the next time I read ‘I really love pie’ I would feel like eating those chips. It works with computer games as well. I want to know whether this is just me being strangely weird, or other people get food flashbacks too. Could you tell me in the comments?



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3 responses to “Food flashbacks

  1. Jellybeans. I ate a whole bag of jellybeans when I was reading a particular book when I was a teenager, and now whenever I have a jellybean, I’m reminded of that book.

  2. Yes, that happens to me when I watch the Gilmore girls! There is several episodes in season 6 where all I want to eat is french toast. [ Because Luke always makes french toast]

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