School Camp

I haven’t posted for a while. Why? I have been on school camp. It was pretty awesome. Here are some photos of the cool stuff I did (except with my face fuzzed up for privacy purposes. My face isn’t actually like that.).

Me in front of the waterfall at camp

Me on the lowropes (I was grinning)

This is a greebly caterpillar that we saw. Can you tell which end is it's head? I can't.

Me on the Flying Kiwi (about 10 m up in the air)

Me on top of the highropes (8m high)

Me on top of the higher part of the highropes (9m high)

The highropes course

The Camp was heaps of fun! There were two major high activities, the highropes and the Flying Kiwi. The flying Kiwi was rather like a giant swing, if you’ve ever been on one. You are hoisted into the air and swing around for a while before coming down. On the highropes you climb various climbs, like swinging rock walls, and ladders. There was also a huge climbing wall, that you climbed 10m high, then abseiled back down. I have absolutely no fear of heights, so I was up and down in a flash.

There were heaps of other parts to the camp like a burma trail, orienteering, a water slide, and archery.

Now to the not-so-great parts of camp. Sleeping. I got barely any, because there was someone snoring in my cabin. And the bus rides were incredibly boring. Two hours. The food was actually ok, apart from the macaroni cheese.

So camp was great!


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