Some annoying things about being a pre-teen

I am a pre-teen. Yipee.

There are some things that really bug me about being a teenager (or close enough anyway). I’m going to write them down.

1. Everybody thinks you are smart enough to be assigned three hours of homework a night. Do you want us to be zombies? Believe it or not, our whole lives aren’t just our education. Jeesh!

2. Everybody goes on and on about “you are/going to be a teenager.” Like we haven’t heard it all before. Get a life adults! Do you have nothing better to do than tell us what we already know!

3. People go on about the above, yet never give you any exceptions. Nobody ever seems to think “Maybe the reason she is angry about what seems to be nothing because she has raging hormones”, all they do is go “DON’T SLAM THE DOOR!”. This one really really really annoys me.

4. The stereotypes! Everybody seems to think that either teenagers are drunk idiots rolling around in their own pee, or that they are lurking in the shadows in hoodies ready to jump out and attack at any moment. We are still human beings you know!

I think that my rant is finished now. That was fun. But take it to heart adults, read it and remember…


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