Music is sad

Today I figured out how to get my ipod working. It has been broken for weeks. So straight away, I played the music. I have never been so sad.

I remembered all the sleepovers I had at home in my country with my friends, exchanging views about the songs, I remember giving each other music through USBs, I remember the day I got my ipod, and I stood at my window waving it at my friends. My two best friends. I remember crying while listening to the sad songs, laughing at the funny songs, and singing along to all of them. I remember gleefully examining each ipod when my friends upgraded, and giving gift cards as presents. I remember all of it. Sitting here crying is the worst I’ve ever felt.




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3 responses to “Music is sad

  1. Now I’m crying too. A lot. The only songs I can listen to without feeling sad are Dido’s songs, which make me cry anyway, so I’m pretty much screwed. There isn’t much to say, really, I can’t possibly say I understand, because I don’t, and wouldn’t dream of pretending that I do. All I can really say is I feel the same way. The worst I have ever felt.

  2. the only thing i can listen 2 now is the song mike gives me and then i end up crying anyway so then no point in me no listening 2 the coz i cry.

    miss u 😥

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