Those momments to do with sisters

Okay. Big moment in the history of my family. My dad has just consented to my sisters having a pet. A guinea pig, to be precise.

I have told them that if the rodent bites me, I will set my cat on it. Aren’t I an amazing older sister?

But the really annoying thing is yet to come. I thought I was pretty good at public speaking. However, the twins wrote a speech and presented it to the other members of our family. I experienced that annoying moment that happens when you realize that your sisters are better than you were at that age. No joke. Not cool. Oh well, at least I’m older. And I have the power of having a cat that would eat a guinea pig.

What my parents haven’t realized is that I will refuse to clean up the guinea pig’s poop when they go on holiday. Mum or Dad will have to. And if they don’t like it, well, boo sucks to them.

My life is eventful. Not in a good way.



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6 responses to “Those momments to do with sisters

  1. Rnbw

    I likes gnee pigs. Yum. I can haz gnee Pig?

  2. Twin the younger

    Meanie but nice.

  3. Twin the elder

    Ruth i thought u liked the gp. Dont you like picking up Tim my gp and hand feeding Dot?

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