Jacqueline Wilson

I am in love with her books. She writes about modern day problems, that aren’t like the rest of the modern day kid’s problems. Most books in that category have either parents getting divorced, or kid having to move. Then Jacqueline Wilson swoops in, colours everything in new topics and problems! For example, ‘My sister Jodie’ (which I happen to own) is about a shy girl with a… not-very-shy-at-all sister. Massive twist at end. Or ‘The diamond girls’ (i also own this one) is about a family of four girls living in a council estate house, with a heavily pregnant Mum. Each girl is different, and timid Dixie is the hero of the story.

However, a tragic thing has happened. Jacqueline Wilson has started repeating herself! Read ‘Secrets’ then try ‘Little Darlings’. Jacqueline Wilson has lost her touch! Nooooooooooooo! I am forever doomed!



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3 responses to “Jacqueline Wilson

  1. There are only so many problems that children can have in this world, she has written a lot of books. By the way, is there a Jacqueline Wilson book that you don’t own?!

  2. Twin the younger

    i like her to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Did you know that she has written another book called Lily Alone? There is a competition that you can enter on her website, celebrating the release of the book.

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