Food Technology

Today at school we did food technology! I had quite a lot of fun. We made fritattas with sausages (my sausage was Angus Beef.) and some vegetable that I’m not even going to try spelling, potatoes, and a herb that I can’t name. We made them in muffin tins so they were snack sized, and we got three each. I ate one at school, and two at home with my Mum and sisters (Dad was on a business trip). They liked it very much, which was good, because if they didn’t I would have been rather annoyed. Two perfectly good fritattas wasted! But they did like them, and had a quarter each. If you do the maths (1 Mum, 2 sisters, they have one quarter each) there would be an extra quarter left. Where did it go? Take a guess, because they tasted nearly as good as pies!



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2 responses to “Food Technology

  1. I’m glad that there are some subjects that you find interesting at your new school! It does sound like good fun!

  2. Twin the younger

    Fun. I wish i could too!!!!!!!

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