I have decided to move on from this blog. No particular reason, I just felt that it was time. You can still find me around, especially at smile… it confuses people ( ) which will be my new home. You should go and take a look you might like it.

So, Goodbye!


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Virtual Games

You love them, you loathe them. I would call them computer games, but there are all those consoles out there, so ‘computer games’ wouldn’t quite cover it. So for this post, ‘virtual games’ means those games you find everywhere. Super Mario Bros, Minecraft. The ones on consoles and computers. But what is it that people enjoy about these games?

For some, it’s a way to wind down after a day of work or school. A quick ‘shoot ’em up’ game and they are all relaxed. Or it could be addictive. Once you start, you have to beat the record, earn the car, unlock the character. It all seems rather pointless doesn’t it? But in reality, it’s just as pointless as playing sport or any other recreational activity. Nothing gained, nothing lost. Nothing to worry about.

You make the decision. But whatever you choose, those virtual games are everywhere.


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The Peter Jackson flea movie

Okay, laugh all you want, but fleas are the scariest thing I have ever seen. Ever. Even scarier than those giant hairy spiders I dreamed about that time.

A flea very close up

See what I mean? Look at that jaw/teeth. And the one I saw had red eyes too. No joke.

How did I come across the evil red-eyed flea? It was all in the name of science. In class we have a new scince subject that involved rotating around different science stations. Not boring, record-your-results type science, epic science about x-rays and fleas.

I think these fleas are evil enough to be in a movie. Peter Jackson should put an evil flea in one of his. If you have ever seen the movie ‘The princess bride’, then I am thinking about a R.O.U.S. type thing.

Wouldn’t that be epic?


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I have one, pies. The girl in my class is obsessed with cats. That’s one type of obsessions. I find that having an obsession has given everybody something to know about me. Whenever someone mentions pie, everybody looks at me, and laughs at the suddenly excited face I made. You could have an obsession about anything, and it really is lots of fun having an obsession, and it can be quite convenient. Just the other day I was thinking about what to do for a design on the tray we are making in tech and design, and I thought “Oh well, why not. I’ll do a pie”.

The second type of obsession is something you do or think about over and over and over again. You don’t do it while knowing you do it, but you do it all the same. Lots of people obsess over bad things. This is called worrying. Some people obsess so much they have a panic attack. I don’t think that worrying is great to do all the time, but you don’t want to stop worrying altogether. Then you would be one of those people who skips around singing about rainbows and ponies and puppies and kitties.

So, obsessions are awesome, annoying, convenient, creative, painful, and most of all, weird.


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Those damned stereotypes

In theory, nearly everybody loathes them. But who hasn’t heard someone being completely stereotypical and just walking by. Some of the most common stereotypes are about genders. “It’s a girl? Oh, I thought she was a boy, she was dressed in blue.” “You’re a racing car driver? Wow. That’s quite impressive for a woman.” “Don’t you want to be married? How will you get money?” Some people are idiots. Another field of stereotypes is the one about teenagers. Some people only consider teenagers as drunk idiots rolling around in their own piss. Sure, teenagers are likely to be grumpier than most, but no need to create a society that shuns teenagers for the mistakes of the few. Get a grip everybody, where do you think the next generation will come from?

Rant over. But heads up, there are more coming.

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Book Reviews

This whole poll thing isn’t really working out is it? So I’ll do something new. I really like reading, which is slightly nerdy, but nerds are awesome. (Live long and prosper.)  So I’ll do a weekly book review. Sunday. I’ll do a book review every Sunday. That’s a good idea isn’t it? but then I’ll have to wait until Sunday to do a review. Oh well. I’ll do one book review now, but it will generally be a Sunday thing. Got it everyone? Okay. First book review will be of… A Respectable Girl by Fleur Beale.

This book is so obviously written by a New Zealand author, it’s funny. It’s about a girl called Hannah, who is 15 years old and has grown up in the new township of New Plymouth. Hannah discovers some disturbing secrets about her dead mothers past, and what with the high tensions between the Maori tribes and the new settlers, Hannah flees to England with her twin brother Jamie, and she finds out in the drawing rooms of England, whether she is in fact a respectable girl.

I quite like the character Hannah, because she asks things that she shouldn’t ask, and she doesn’t just accept things, she questions them. She is very rebellious, and she doesn’t really care what the accepted behavior is.

I found this book after reading another one of Fleur Beale’s books, called ‘Juno of Taris’. I will almost definitely review this at some stage, because I loved the book. I actually went into the scary teenager section to get the sequel to ‘Juno of Taris’, and that’s how I came across ‘A Respectable Girl’.

‘A Respectable Girl’ is written in an excellent flow, though it does feel like it should have a page with Part Two written on it, because the story seems to pause when Hannah sets off to England. But all in all, a great book, and I think I will buy myself a copy.

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Sleeping Karma

Why is it that whenever the school holidays start, I find myself waking up early? So much for my resolution to sleep in until 10 every morning. Sigh. At least I’m not doing any actual schoolwork. That’s good.

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